Joseph Armenio, CMCA

Photo of Joseph Armenio

President, Sudler Building Services
Phone: 312.706.2384
Fax: 312.896.9195

Joe Armenio has more than two decades of hands-on experience as a High-Rise Condominium Property Supervisor, Board President and Treasurer — more than 18 of those years in key roles for Sudler. In 2008, while continuing his property-management responsibilities, Joe was chosen to lead Sudler Building Services, a value-add division where he supervises, manages and facilitates Sudler’s vast network of vendor contracts.

Sudler Building Services focuses on vetting vendors in order to obtain the best possible value and highest quality service across Sudler’s entire portfolio of clients. Joe takes great pride in the work his team does to save associations money without sacrificing, and often even increasing, service-delivery. On an elevator-modernization project, Joe was able to save over $800,000; in another effort, he helped re-engineer a chiller system to deliver dramatic savings, improve capacity, and optimize temperature range. There are always two entries on Joe’s bottom line: Look for ways to save money; be sure to sustain or enhance quality.

Joe has earned the professional designation of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), and he holds an Illinois Community Association Manager license (CAM). Joe earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree (with high honors) from the University of Hartford (Connecticut), and a Master’s Degree (with honors distinction) in Organizational Development and Human Services from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.

A native of Connecticut (which accounts for his ever-so-slight East Coast accent), Thirty-six years ago, Joe and his wife came here as a stepping-stone to moving to California. They never left. When they aren’t working and doting on their 10-year old niece, they are making the restaurant circuit, traveling to unique, fun places, or immersing themselves in a Cubs, Blackhawks, or Bulls game.