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Marsha Williams CMCA, AMS

Photo of Marsha Williams

CFO/Executive Vice President

Marsha has been in the property-management and real- estate industry since 1982 and has been with Sudler since 1994. As Sudler's Chief Financial Officer, she is responsible for all areas of client financial reporting. She has held positions as Sr. Accoutant, Controller and Financial Analyst and also served as Property Manager for condominium assoiciations, commercial buldings and rental properties.  As a consequence, few people can match her expertise across these disiplines.  And as to accuracy, it's no exaggeration to say that Marsha knows where every penny comes from, and where it goes.

Known for getting the job done no matter what it takes, Marsha's accomplishments include seamless conversions of manual accounting systems to computerized software, streamlining collections, and continual upgrading of accounts receivable and payable procedures.  Her ability to simutaneously maintain a detailed grasp of financial-reporting statistics for every Sudler client is uncanny.  "Stump Marsha," is a game no one has ever won.

In a mark of a well-balanced person, Marsha achieves complete relaxation every year by way of a Caribbean vacation with a large contingent of her children and grandchildren. For the last few years, the destination has consistently been Jamaica, the home of “No worries, be happy.”